Transaction Services in transaction projects with real estate portfolio

The idea of the "i-Fund Initiative" is to serve a small circle of private investors with the opportunity for direct investments in german residential properties. The investment philosophy is based on the following situation and facts in the German residential property market:

  • Population forecast show a growing demand of living space in metropolitan regions of western Germany
  • In particular rented flats in these cities have an insignificant vacancy risk, provided that the property rent level is not above the local market price level.
  • Construction costs have been increasing for severall years due to rising demand for affordable living space in metropolitan regions of western Germany
We are looking for properties with an existing and positive cash flow for investments. The sourcing and due diligence of investment opportunities is a time- and cost intensive process for small and midcap private investors, therefore some of them have problems to act with continuity and professionalism. We offer our clients a "consolidation service" with similar investors. Further more we represent their interests during the whole investment and asset management phase - i.g. deal sourcing and due diligence on a high level of discretion and efficiency. The "i-Fund Initiative" was first started in 2010 with 5 executives from an international service company. The initiative is based in the following 3 elementary principles:
  1. Personal service for direct real estate investments (maximum of 5 investors per investment)
  2. Investment as an institutional real estate investor (high investment ratio, usually more than 90%)
  3. Value orientated and longterm investment strategy (planned hold phase of 10 years per investment)