Property valuation with the professional expertise of Chartered Surveyors

The methods and processes you have to use for measuring property values are extensively dependant on the purpose of the valuation. According to the intended purpose of the valuation you have norms, rules and sometimes laws which you have to consider in the valuation process. Besides special types of valuation such as the tax related "Bewertungsgesetz (BewG)", the "Teilwertermittlung" which govens valuation in the context of corporate transactions or company tax split-up´s and the "Beleihungswertermittlung (HGB, BaFin)", we have also a market value definition in German law which is called "Verkehrswert (§194 BauGB)".

In addition the appraisal of the "Verkehrswert" or market value for properties could follow different intentions, for example to get a concrete purchase price according to Red Book (RICS), figures data input for the corporate accounting departement (IDW S10, ImmoWertV), or the assessment of the value of an investment unit. In all different cases you will find Germany specific rules and regulations which are the basis for professional appraisals to determine a constistent and therefore resilient property value.